Kerala Veterinary Association of North America held their annual meeting at Arlington, Washington D.C. on Sunday, June 3rd. This meeting has been held annually for the past several years in different parts of America. The venue of the place was superb with the gathering of veterinarians from all different parts of the United States. There were cultural activities presented by some of the senior members and the families of the association which made the meeting very enjoyable! It was nice to see professor of surgery Dr. Abraham Varkey from Kerala Veterinary College, who was the guest of honor. I was extremely impressed by the cooperation and support among the members. They were raising funds to help new graduates transition from India. This is the third time I was invited to their annual meeting and I am glad to say that I was the only one in the meeting who was a non-Kerala guy!! Several members of the association were trained by me at the Pennsylvania SPCA prior to taking their board exams. This is a wonderful example for other veterinary associations to follow.

Dr. Ravi Murarka

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