About Our Association:

This American Association of Veterinarians of Indian Origin is established to provide forum for medical, educational, cultural, and social interaction among AAVIO members. Besides facilitating academic, research and non practicing veterinarians to meet and interact, AAVIO plans to strengthen Alumni bonding and guide new Indian vets and students in USA. AAVIO strives to promote and preserve the interest of its members and seek protection of their rights and privileges.


To promote professional solidarity in the pursuit of excellence in pet care, teaching and research.


Respect for well being of pets under our care Commitment to collegiality and ethical conduct Promote the professional  advancement of colleagues Pursuit of excellence Commitment to community service.


Provide the best pet care possible with compassion Maintain the highest standards of ethics and professionalism
Maintain our professional pride in the practice of veterinary medicine Advance our knowledge through Continuing Education
Pursue careers in academia, research and administrative cadres Remain current and knowledgeable in contemporary and anticipated legislative and regulatory changes impacting on the practice of veterinary medicine Assert equal protection in all our professional pursuits through collective advocacy.

Humble Beginning: 

In early 1990s, Association of Indian Veterinarians in America (AIVA) was founded to keep our Indian heritage. Among the veterinarians of Indian origin, there was a need to keep comraderies and voice the concern of veterinarians. It was essential to keep our children connected and to have the pride of our culture and perception of belonging. The first informal meeting was held at Dr. Raheja’s residence in Rockville, MD. It was followed up by a larger meeting at Dr. Khianey’s residence in Bowie, MD where Dr. Nirwan Thapar was elected as the first president.

Initially, Pioneers, Drs. Nirwan Thaper, Suresh Dua, Navjeet Dhillon and Prabodh Vaid took pledge and devotion with hard work to make the organization strong and bring national recognition. With persistent dedication, new ventures and optimistic results, they were able to get more recognition among veterinarians of Indian origin and the community via greater newspapers and television coverage and by including dignitaries to participate in AIVA sponsored events. By the year end 1990, AIVA had 25 life members and 15 yearly members and aspiring to grow further with the passage of time. This organization was later renamed as American Association of Veterinarians of Indian Origin (AAVIO). As of September, 2020 this organization has about 115 active life members.


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