Past Presidents

Dr. Kulwant Bindra

Dr. Chandrakant Bhatia

Graduated in 1982 from Mysore Veterinary College, Hebbal, Bangalore, India. Currently owner of a small animal practice in Warrington, PA

Dr. Krishna Murthy

Brij Bhargava

Dr. Brij Bhargava

Graduated in 1961 from Veterinary College in Mathura, Utter Pradesh, India. Got Masters in Vet Med & Surgery from Kansas State in 1963. Worked at Pantnagar University, University of Connecticut and USDA.

Dr. Ravi Murarka

Dr. Raj Khare

Dr. Murthi Guntakatta

Dr. Bharat Patel

President, Association of Indian Veterinarians in America (AIVA) in 1998.
BVSc & AH in 1969 from Gujarat Veterinary College.
Research Specialist from 1975 -1981: College of Veterinary Medicine, St. Paul, Minnesota. Public Health Veterinarian from 1982-2011: USDA.

Dr. Narinder Khianey

Dr. Probodh Vaid

Year: 1996

Dr. Parmesh Saini

Year: 1995

Dr. Suresh Dua

Year: 1994

Dr. Mysore Nagaraj

Year: 1993

Dr. Jitendra Dubey

Year: 1992

Dr. Nirwan Thapar

Year: 1990, 1991

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