This American Association of Veterinarians of Indian Origin is established to provide forum for medical, educational, cultural, and social interaction among AAVIO members. Besides facilitating academic, research and non practicing veterinarians to meet and interact, AAVIO plans to strengthen Alumni bonding and guide new Indian vets and students in USA. AAVIO strives to promote and preserve the interest of its members and seek protection of their rights and privileges.

AAVIO offers many benefits to its members joining the organization. It hosts annual meetings, offers a Merck Pharmaceutical Discount Program, and offers membership to TVC, The Veterinary Cooperation at $1/-. TVC is a community of suppliers and veterinarians, who aim to provide exceptional animal care. Also, TVC works closely with many distributors to give the best pricing and offers many discounts to its members. In the near future, AAVIO is planning common representation with additional companies to seek block discounts on veterinary supplies.
If you change your address, phone number, fax or email, or have any questions on your membership status, and payments, please contact President Dr. Ravi Murarka at or call 215-852-4319.

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